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Return on investment with air-water heat pump? Faster than you think !

What is a heat pump?

The heat pump is a device that extracts heat from a cooler environment (outdoors), and passes the heat to a warmer environment (internal). It is being said, that the heat pump ...

What is the principle of Carnot

The principle of Carnot is based on changes of state. The medium can be any substance that changes its state from liquid to gas and back. Refrigerants, ...

Why a heat pump?

For sure you know some of the answers already. The are many reasons for why to get a heat pump, and we'll revise some of it: ...

Can even I have a heat pump?

Whether you are constructing a new building or if you are rebuilding a heating system, then the answer is simple: yes. If natural gas is not available, then the answer ...

Why an air - water heat pump ?

Air-water heat pumps in compare to ground-water heat pumps have negatives and positives. The biggest negative of heat pumps which use air as a source of heat ...

Why a Caltheo heat pump?

The company Caltheo doesn't wish to compare its heat pumps with „ordinary detergents”. We'll not claim that our heat pumps are faster or that the heat pumps ...

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